Keeping your Child Healthy; Everyday Things to do to promote a Healthy Childhood

As a parent, your child is very important to you.  Keeping your child healthy and happy is part of taking care and loving your child.  A parent always wants just the best for their children and tries to make sure that no hardship or illness befalls them.  But that is not always possible.

Everyday Things to help you keep your Child Healthy and Happy:

  1. Establishing Daily Healthy Habits: Teaching your child the fundamentals of hygiene, washing your hands before you eat something, or after you played in the dirt or went to the bathroom, will start them off in the right direction.
  2. Establish Sleeping Schedules: A child needs enough sleep every night.  Depending on their age, they need around 8 – 10 hours sleep.  Going to sleep at the same time each night and awaken at the same time each morning will help this happen.  Sleep is important in that it allows growth while sleeping and when ill, it will help towards a quicker recovery time.
  3. Helping them with a Healthy Diet: Encourage your child to eat healthy foods from early childhood.  Always have a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables available, use whole-grain products and lean meats in your meals.  Offer healthy snacks rather than sweets or cookies the whole time.  Let your children help with the preparation of meals.  Give them a choice of recipe for dinner or let them help you when going to the grocery store.
  4. Drinking Water, lots of water: After reaching the age of 6 months, your children can start drinking water.  A child should consume water per glass that corresponds with their age, for example, 2 years of age drink no less than 2 glasses of water.  This total does not include the drinking of juice or milk, only water.
  5. Encourage Physical Activity: When still small you can play ball games in the yard or chasing games.  When they grow up, encourage them to experiment with sports to find out what they like and then support them in their sports activities.  Sports are great for their mental health and focus, and also help with getting fresh air and sunshine daily.  The Sunshine will give their daily dose of vitamin D and fresh air just freshens up your nose and your lungs and even your brain.

Apart from teaching all the stuff that is ultimately good for them and their health, also spend time with them over the weekends.  Do fun and relaxing things, teaching them that life is not just about work and being good to your health, you must also relax and play and do fun things.  Good health and happiness also need fun and games.