How to cope with a Sick Child; 7 Tips on them Comfortable and keeping to Help Recovery

Every child gets sick now and again.  It may be a cold or flu, a tummy ache or childhood diseases, like chicken pox or measles.

7 Tips for Dealing with those Sick Days:

Making a child feel better while ill can take as little effort as:

  1. A Lukewarm Bath; this is recommended by doctors for breaking a fever and will also do well to calm down a child that does not feel well.
  2. A little bit of Lavender Oil in bath water before bed; Lavender will help with better sleep and better sleep will assist with getting well.
  3. A warm towel or blanket; if your child has the chills, warm their towels and blanket in the dryer. The warmth will give extra comfort.
  4. Use “Get Well” sheets; Keep a set of special sheets with a favorite character or in a favorite color to use when your child is bedridden. It might just help for a more restful sleep when tucked in between favorites.
  5. Watching favorite cartoons or movies; Keeping a child still when he or she needs to rest can be very difficult at times. Watching TV can help towards that goal and keep them quiet for an hour or more.
  6. Provide favorite drinks; when ill a child needs to take in lots of fluids. They might not feel like drinking too much, but you can probably get away with giving them special drinks they love.  You can also make homemade popsicles of their favorite drinks.  When feverish it will even help bring down the fever.
  7. Favorite foods; when a child is sick they might not feel like eating altogether. If you offer their favorites it might encourage them to eat.  Even little bits at a time will be helpful.  Make food fun.  You can make fun shapes for bread and cheese and include something colorful, for instance, jelly or frozen yogurt.

There are lots of ways to comfort a sick child.  They mostly need your love and care and attention to make them feel more comfortable.  The doctor’s medicine will do the rest.

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