4 reasons why acne is a teenage terror

When you are a teenager, you may notice just one little pimple on your face. Slowly within a few days, you will see numerous pimples covering your face. Wondering why? Well, it’s a very common problem of teenagers. These are acnes that are more prominent in the adolescent age when you are having hormonal changes. Acne may seem just like a skin problem, but it can actually have a lot of negative consequences. Here are some of the reasons why acne is actually a teenage terror.


Your appearance

When you step into your teen years, that’ts the first time you start giving attention to your appearance. You don’t feel good about the way you look; you often try to hide your face from people. So, you actually find excuses to avoid social gatherings. At this age, many of your friends may start dating. You may not get the person you love because of your appearance.



As you pull yourself away from your social circles, you start to feel depressed. You may also become a victim of bullying. All these disturbances affect your studies and you may start getting poor grades. The level of depression can be so severe that some teenagers often commit suicide.


Physical illness

When you suffer from depression it affects your sleep and diet. This can have negative consequences on your body. You may stop eating healthy food and stop physical activities as well.



As you start to withdraw yourself from your social circles, your life will become stressful. You will see your friends having a great time; whereas, you will lock yourself up in your home. Inferiority complex will grow inside you. The more you think about your acne problem, the more you will feel pressurized. You may often rub your hands over your face and accidentally squeeze them making the condition worse.

The condition of acne may vary from one person to another. Not everyone has such a bad time with it. Your lifestyle has a lot to blame for this dreadful condition. If you use too much makeup or eat unhealthy food then you are more likely to suffer from acne. If your acne problem persists for a long time then you should see a doctor. Tetralysal capsules are very effective for acne problems. Otherwise, the acne may turn to other serious skin diseases. You should maintain the lifestyle suggested by the doctor to get relieved from your acne problem.